We live in a magical world of great beauty, from the tiny perfection of an insect to the majestic movement of clouds. In the busyness of our daily lives we often overlook this incredible gift or notice it fleetingly. As a landscape artist I get to spend my time looking. The impact certain places have on me is one I want to share. Before I began using pastels, I was an oil painter for 25 years, mostly working with the figure and still life. A trip to Iceland in '97 changed all that. I abandoned my much loved oils and starting using the completely new media of dry pastels. I began with the landscape around me in central Massachusetts. Three years latter, I traveled to northern New Mexico seeking the monumental scale, open skies and raw nature that had so impressed me in Iceland. I have found that, and an intense clarity of light and layers of culture. Since then I have made annual trips to my "second home" lasting from 2 to 8 weeks. With every trip I feel I go farther and deeper into the landscape and culture. The work on this web site comes from New England, New Mexico, Utah and Montana. Some of the work is done from start to finish on site, some is started on site and changed or finished in the studio and some (the largest pieces) can only be done completely in the studio. I hope you will find something that rewards your looking.

Janet Palin, Pastel Landscape artist heading
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